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LesBeSocial is a unique social queer community for LGBTQ women and non-binary people looking to meet new friends and build meaningful connections. We’re different from all the lesbian dating apps out there, we’re an inclusive social network that allows our members to connect with other like-minded folks.

Our users love how easy it is to use LesBeSocial because they don’t have to swipe through endless profiles like on the mainstream lesbian dating apps. Meeting queer people in the LGBT community should be fun and engaging. You can chat with other members, share photos and videos or join groups based on your interests. If you are looking to meet queer women offline you can find local events in our event calendar or use our map to meet lesbians near you. With over 50 000 users worldwide there are always new things happening!

App features our users love

lesbian groups

Lesbian groups

Explore our communities and discuss different LGBT topics with your people! We recommend you to check out are the Gayrights and Coming Out group.



There are a lot of great LGBT events out there, and we’re here to help you find them. If you want to know what’s going on, be sure to check out our event calendar!

lesbian bars

Lesbian bars near me

Are you looking for bars & clubs near your location? Use our gay map. Do you run a bar or club for the queer community, please send us a message so we can add it.

rainbow game

Rainbow game

Playing The Rainbow Game is a fun way to connect with new friends on the app and win prizes. Start solving the challenges today to rise in the top list.


Gay rights

If you’re thinking about joining the queer movement to find out more about LGBT rights in different countries, then LesBeSocial is for you.

lesbians near me

Lesbians near me

Are you looking for new friends near your location? Look no further! Use our gay map to meet queer women and make some new memories!



Easily sign up, pick your gender and sexual identity and you are all set to meet people of your choice.

chat messages

Chat messages

Connect and stay in touch with your favorite people by sending them private messages. Make sure to enable push notifications for a better experience.

coming out stories

Coming out stories

Coming out stories are the best! They’re inspirational & help people know they’re not alone. Join our community & share your story today!

Our values

Gay rights


LesBeSocial imagines a world where everyone is proud of who they are and who they love. This is our vision.


LesBeSocial exists to empower LGBT+ women and non-binary people and connect them to the community they deserve. This is our purpose.


Everyday we work hard to

...create a safe digital space for LGBT+ women and non-binary people to come together and interact,

...advocate for civil and human rights, others who share our vision and mission.

What people are saying about us


I think this is an awesome tool to help lesbians and bisexual women stay in touch with the world around them by making friends or even more, if that is what you are looking for. I would love to see it expand and grow!!



If you wanna find LGBT events and meet new people, in your home city our when travelling this is the app to use. Really great and user friendly!



This is an awesome app! Wide feature set and with users all over the world. Easy to connect and get new friends, as it focuses on lifestyle, groups and events to connect people. Cool app!


Extra features with LesBeSocial premium

We are an independent queer owned and operated company and our primary mission is to build and strengthen our amazing queer women community by creating a safe digital and physical space for lesbians to come together and interact, advocating for gay rights and support others who share our vision and mission.

All of our core features are and will stay completely free but if you want to help us grow and support our mission please purchase a premium subscription. It will give you more features and fun including:

change city location

Change location to meet members in other cities.

no ads

Enjoy a forever ad free experience.

go invisible

Go invisible to visit members without them knowing it.

read messages get receipt

Get read receipts to see if someone read your message.

add more photos

Add more photos to your profile.

search filters

Find friends with more search filters.

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It doesn’t matter if you live in New York City, San Francisco, London or Paris – everyone is welcome here! So what are you waiting for? Download the free app, join the movement and become part of our huge worldwide queer family today!

Are you looking for a community for gay men?

Look no further! We got you covered. Download our other app for LGBT+ men here:

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