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Stockholm Pride festival


LesBeSocial imagines a world where everyone is proud of who they are and who they love. This is our vision.


LesBeSocial exists to empower LGBT+ women and connect them to the community they deserve. This is our purpose.


Everyday we work hard to...create a safe digital space for LGBT+ women to come together and interact,...advocate for civil and human rights,...support others who share our vision and mission.


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Jenny Pettersson

- Founder -

In 2011, a friend and I spent the winter months in West Hollywood, Los Angeles. We were surprised that it was so difficult to find new lesbian friends and information about clubs and events in the LGBT+ community 🌈 A few years later I started building LesBeSocial and it has since been a real passion project ❤️I decided early on that I wanted to try the bootstrap company and not be dependent on venture capital and its demands for profit before the best interests of the lesbian community. This means that I am still a solo entrepreneur but I hope to be able to expand the team soon. Please feel very welcome to contact me if you want to collaborate or get involved in the community in any way 🤗