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Wikipedia defines the word tomboy as "A tomboy is a girl who exhibits characteristics or behaviours considered typical of a boy." This might include wearing clothes that are typically considered "masculine," having short hair or being more physically active than other girls.

In this blog post, we'll get further into what tomboys mean, their typical style characteristics and more.

What are tomboys?

Tomboy girls are girls who exhibit characteristics or masculine behaviour considered typical of boys. A tomboy girl is often associated with physical activity and outdoor "boy" activities such as tree climbing, playing sports, and riding bicycles. They may also prefer to wear boys' or unisex clothing, rather than dresses or skirts.

While the term tomboy historically has sometimes been used negatively, many young girls today embrace the label as a source of pride. After all, what's wrong with being strong, independent, and adventurous? So whether you're a girly-girl or a rough-and-tumble tomboy, remember that you're just being yourself - and there's nothing wrong with that.

Is a tomboy lesbian?

No, not all tomboys end up homosexual as adult women. Some of them become gay men. Just kidding! But seriously, there is no one sexual orientation or path that all tomboys must follow. While many tomboys do grow up to be lesbians or bisexual women, there are also plenty of tomboys who turn out to be straight women (or gay men, for that matter).

So if you're a tomboy, don't worry – you can be anything you want to be, regardless of what anyone else says.

What challenges do tomboy lesbians face in society?

Lesbianism is already pretty taboo in some societies, but lesbian tomboys often face even more challenges. For one thing, they don't fit neatly into either the traditional "male" or "female" gender expressions, which can make it difficult for people to understand them. They may also be accused of trying to be "one of the guys," even though all they're really doing is being themselves.

In addition, tomboy lesbians can have a hard time finding clothes that fit their unique style. Most stores are geared toward either masculine or feminine styles, so it can be tough to find something in the middle. Despite all these challenges, tomboy lesbians continue to defy societal norms and forge their own paths in life. And that's pretty badass.

Tomboy hair

When it comes to tomboy hairstyles, there are no rules. You can rock a shortcut, or let your locks flow free. No matter what your style, the key is to keep it simple and low-maintenance. After all, who has time to fuss with their hair when there's an adventure to be had?

For the ultimate in tomboy cool, try a sleek ponytail or messy bun. And if you're feeling really daring, shave it all off! When it comes to tomboy hairstyles, the world is your oyster. So go out there and make your own fashion statement.

Tomboy clothes

If you're looking for a style icon who isn't afraid to buck gender norms, look no further than the tomboy girl. This confident and carefree woman is known for her androgynous style, and she's not afraid to mix things up. From her short hair to her comfortable clothes, the tomboy lesbian is always ready to take on the world.

Tomboy clothes and styles have come a long way in recent years. While tomboys and butch lesbians used to have to settle for hand-me-downs from their brothers or fathers, they now have a wide range of fashion options to choose from. And while some tomboys prefer to dress down in jeans and a t-shirt, other women like to dress up in more feminine styles.

No matter what their personal style, tomboys are now free to express themselves however they want - and they look damn good doing it.

Tomboy flag

The Tomboy flag is a flag that represents the tomboy community and it was created in 2017 by an unknown artist. The flag is made up of seven strips:

Tomboy flag
  • The light pink stripe is from the transgender flag and stands for the feminine assigned gender
  • The brown stripes are from the bear flag and represent a masculine attitude
  • The dark blue stripes come from the genderfluid flag and represent the masculine appearance
  • The white stripes stand for trans and non-binary tomboys


Well, there you have it folks.

Tomboy lesbians have faced challenges in society, but they continue to defy norms and forge their own paths. Their unique style is evident in everything from their hair to their clothes, and they're not afraid to be themselves. And if you identify as a tomboy and find yourself in a tough spot, just remember these three words: Be badass. Be confident. Be you.

Thanks for reading!

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